June 2023 – We are currently 8 months into filming interviews with roughly another 8 in front of us.

This documentary will highlight Theresa Sweets story of persistance and tenacity to take on the Department of Education.

With $500k in loans she obtained from Brooks Institute of Photography. How and who is responible for allowing this to happen.

March 2023 – We created a Thank you video for the PPSL, HERA and the Debt Collective for council and support for Sweet v. Cardona. Using some of the content from November.  See it here.

Nov. 2022 – We have started filming! We covered the Sweet v. Cardona Settlment as well as a good handful of interviews.


Right now our biggest hangup is funding. It’s a chicken and egg situation. Not enough content to create the trailer not enough funds to create the content. Every single dollar helps us get one step closer to telling this story.